Pick Up & Delivery

When We Say Clean, We Mean Immaculate

How It Works

  • FREE BAG on first Pick Up & Delivery

  • $10 OFF on Second Pick Up & Delivery

Laundry Room
Step 1: Schedule  

Mr. Cleaner’s has different ways to schedule PICK UP & DELIVERY in order to tailor to all people’s likings.  


One way to book is simply by calling the PICK UP service phone line (917) 526-2625.  Another way to book is right here on our website! And finally, the preferred way is by downloading our Cleancloud app (4 simple steps) and booking right from your phone whenever you need!  

Step 1: download the CLEANCLOUD app from your APP store.

Step 2: type in our store and service name!  MR. CLEANER’S LAUNDROMAT

Step 3: Sign in with Google, Facebook, or email.

Step 4: schedule you’re pick up and delivery date and time!

Step 2: Pick Up 

Mr. Cleaners will provide you with a FREE heavy duty Mr. Cleaners laundry bag on your first PICK UP & DELIVERY to help organize your clothes!  From there, the Laundry Valet will arrive at your home in the one-hour time slot you selected; ex: between 6-7pm.  You will know when the Valet is on their way because a text message will be sent several minutes upon arrival.  When your doorbell rings, just leave your bag right outside of your door and you’re all done!  

Step 3: Clean

When you schedule your PICK UP & DELIVERY you will also be able to select your preferences on how you would like your clothes to be washed.  From soaps and softeners to dryer heat temperature!  We will clean and package your clothes like a Birthday present. A text message will be sent to you when your clothes are cleaned with your bags weight and price! 

Step 4: Delivery

Schedule your one-hour time slot for DELIVERY and Mr. Cleaners laundry valet will be on the way!  A text message will be sent with an estimated time of arrival and the GPS reading of your Laundry Valet so you could track your laundries location!

Step 5: Payments

In order to tailor everyone’s needs we offer a variety of payment methods.  Pay with a credit card right from our app, Pay Cash, or Venmo! 


What people say about Mr. Cleaner's Laundromat

Love this place! Before the pandemic, I used to come here 1-2 times a week to do my own laundry. The laundromat is kid friendly and the owners are incredibly sweet. I am currently taking advantage of their delivery service due to a lack of time from helping my kids through remote learning. The service is quick and my laundry always comes back in perfect condition and neatly folded. I definitely recommend trying this place out if you haven’t already. You won’t be disappointed.

- Taryn B